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Burlesque Hall of Fame

Thanks to Janelle Smith for sending me a copy, and all of the people at the Burlesque Hall of Fame for including Michele Marshall (Mom) in this years program.

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Michele Marshall Forte, my mother, NJ left us peacefully on September 23, 2013. She was born on May 10th, 1926 near Travillians VA, and survived two marriages, first to John Marshall, and then Anthony Forte. Michele became a top performer … Continue reading

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New Translations

Santiago Gil has translated the SDR# Quickstart into spanish. The translations fo the other ADSB files (Quickstart and Antenna) will be added shortly. EDIT 5/30: Added ADSB Quickstart and ADSB Antenna translations (Spanish) by Santiago Gil

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Help Wanted

I’m working on a new project. Unlike this blog and a couple other things I’ve done, this one is open for the community to help. GatHub is designed to be a repository of open source 3D and CAD designs for … Continue reading

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Your First ADS-B Antenna

I’ve been answering questions in IRC about some simple antennas to replace the stock antenna that comes with the DVB-T dongles. The design is one I’m currently using and the performance is pretty good for a 15 minute build. See … Continue reading

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ADSB# Quick Start

Prog (Youssef), and Ian are still tweaking the code for ADSB# so I thought I’d post a preliminary version of the Quick Start for ADSB#. It should stay 99% the same as far as installation and configuration. I’ve included configuration … Continue reading

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A couple quick changes

Because of an update to wordpress, the template that I was using no longer functioned properly. Since I had to update things, I also made a couple pages specificly for SDR (software defined radio), and the Raspberry pi. Future changes … Continue reading

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ADSB# Quickstart

I’m working on a quickstart guide for the new ADSB# ( and I’ll be posting it up here in a day or so. I will include interface guides for PlanePlotter and Virtual Radar Server.

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SDR# Quick Start Guide

It looks like its been more than a few weeks since I actually posted something here. I’ve been busy with some personal suff. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep busy by getting back into radio as a hobby, … Continue reading

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“I am surrounded by priests who repeat incessantly that their kingdom is not of this world, and yet they lay their hands on everything they can get.” — Napoleon Bonaparte Thought that was an interesting quote for some reason…

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