Your First ADS-B Antenna

I’ve been answering questions in IRC about some simple antennas to replace the stock antenna that comes with the DVB-T dongles. The design is one I’m currently using and the performance is pretty good for a 15 minute build. See the link in the SDR page.

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4 Responses to Your First ADS-B Antenna

  1. Paolo IK1ZYW says:

    Yes, a GP antenna is simple, very effective and not critical. Dimensions in metric: 65 mm for each element. I suggest using a BNC socket in place of the SO239, which is much less lossy at 1 GHz. Or even solder the antenna at the coax end!
    My GP with two radials receives signals as far as 300km, 180mi, 160nm.

  2. atouk says:

    The difference between BNC and SO for receive only is insignificant. SO does have the advantage of being easier to work with because of it’s size, which also makes it more robust for just putting it out there in the elements unprotected. The choice and length of cable, and antenna location will be the biggest factors for signal strength. And of course, higher is always better.

  3. Tyler says:

    I know the shorter the length of cable to DVB-dongle, but what is the max I can go? Where the high point on my roof and my computer not a short run and can’t put the dongle in the weather.

  4. atouk says:

    I’ve run 25 feet of RG59-U and RG8 with excellent results. Even if you have to go a bit longer, you should be OK.

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