Add custom error pages to your pi. Six different pages are included, but you can easily add your own.
(NOTE: Fixed a typo in the README. Wrong directory was listed.)
Pages included are;

300 – Multiple Choices
401 – Unauthorized
403 – Forbidden
404 – Not Found
500 – Server Error
503 – Out Of Resources

[wpdm_file id=11]

A simple script to show the correct GPIO pinouts depending on the board version of your pi.
Don’t forget to chmod +x the file. ./pins.sh to run.

Code is broken because of a change in bash since it was written. I’ll get around to fixing it sooner or later.
[wpdm_file id=5]

02/24/17 – UPDATED
Rewrote the board and memory detection. it should properly ID all current boards.
Code cleanup. Added comments. Fixed meter border transparency. Other stuff.
Changes and instruction in README inside .rar.

Additional edits/additions. Changes and instruction in README inside .rar.

Here the code for the Raspberry pi (www.raspberrypi.org) status page I cooked up. It was mostly a quick and dirty hack to test Apache/php on it, but some of the users in IRC (freenode #raspberrypi) wanted copies. Everything you need to know should be in the README.
IMPORTANT: The current version of phpChart_Lite ONLY supports line charts, the meter class has been removed. I will be looking for a replacement and update the code as soon as I find one.

(Updated to support Model A boards)
Raspberry pi status page
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