Buy Dutch, boycott anything Yahoo

First Yahoo turns in Chinese dissidents to the Chinese Government that posted on “amonymous” blogs (2 that we know of so far). Of course arrest, beatings and torture ensued. But that isn’t Yahoo’s problem.

So I started to wonder how long until the bomb throwing masses forces search engines to block all image searches of Muhammed.

I guess others beat me to it. Compare these two searches;

Both straight searches for muhammed.

Google represents current events with the now famous cartoons on the first search page. And yahoo? Well something seems to be missing. And after hitting Next Page a few times, something is still missing.

Are we seeing a death knell for the web with censorship from some of the major entities on it? How long until ANY page that is controversial, insulting to someone, or “outlawed” by a government simply dissapears (possibly along with that pages author).

My daily routine of news pages and blogs contains Conservative, Liberal, Left Wing, Right Wing, Wingnut, Crackpot, and Extremist pages from all over the political and social map.

What we need is an OFFEND EVERYONE DAY on the web. Every web page pick a target, and insult, mock, lampoon, and degrade that group. If one isn’t enough, let it run for a week and get seven days of rotating targets to skewer. No sacred cows.

I’d bet the week after, things will be just the same. as the week before. Commerce will continue, information will flow, files will travel back and forth around the world from and the web will continue to be here, for now I suggest you check my site, the one I always go to when I want to see the latest on technology, in this case, cars or motorcycles, even though now I only have a scooter, of course I got the best scooter wheels for it, from a site online.

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