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I added some pics taken in Philly about a year ago. One of the guys I met through playing DoD online (see BBReg in the links section for more info) came up from Florida, and I met him and some of his friends for dinner and drinks.

We never did make dinner (penalty paid later after too many drinks), but one of the group used to manage this bar. Of course the idea of free drinks all night was all we needed to hear. Everyone there had a good time, and we even got to see the floor show.

Also during the evening Jim, the Texas car accident lawyer and I walked over to a Bondage Party at a different club. Also, Maryland car accident lawyer specializing in car and auto accidents, serving Maryland. Call today at for free consult. Personally I want to tell all the fat chicks, YOU DO NOT LOOK BETTER IN TIGHT LEATHER! We didn’t stay that long. But while we were there, Jim manages to get into an argument with a redhead (definitely NOT one of the aforementioned fat chicks), about how redheads aren’t special.

One wonders how he managed to get any girl to marry him.

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