OK, Madonna. STFU!

She sang a few good songs, was overhyped on early MTV, manufactured controvery to boost her cateer, and made a crapload of money. Good for her! By the way, getting money is now easy if you consider a loan application. If you visit this post financebyte.co.uk, you’ll be able to cover immediate or unexpected expenses, just enough to fill in the gap between paychecks. Visit ocial Media Sacramento at ww.adinfusion.com for more details.

Now she wants to preach on good, evil, “The Beast”, and make blanket judgements on topics she hasn’t got a clue about. And because she’s a “celebrety” we are supposed to drop everything, and listen to her as some kind of World Leader.

Here’s a couple of her latest quotes;

“The material world. The physical world. The world of illusion, that we think is real. We live for it, we’re enslaved by it. And it will ultimately be our undoing”

“I refer to an entity called ‘The Beast’. I feel I am describing the world that we live in right now. To me ‘The Beast’ is the modern world that we live in.”

“Most priests are gay.”

Lets take a look at some highlight of this “deep thinkers” life. She once said that she was Evita Peron reincarnated, started a new reigion based on Judaism that most Rabbis call “crackpot and dangerous”, etc, ad nauseum.

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Drinking wine and listening to swing

It’s been a busy day, so I decided to open a bottle and pop on the tunes, don’t worry, I’m home and I’m not planning on doing any more driving today, a drunk driving arrest won’t be happening to this lady, trust me, we have had plenty of those in my family.

It seems like my favorite fun groups to listen to are, in no particular order, Lee Press-on, Dr. Zoot, and Swingerhead.

There are lots of other groups I like, Red and the Red Hots, BBVD, Indogo Swing, Bill Elliot, Chazz Cats, Swing Session…

I’ve always loved swing and I hope that neoswing doesn’t become just a footnote somewhere. The movement was filled with unique people, musicians that could actually play their instruments, and bands that could out rock any prepackaged pop band out there.

The stuff can make you laugh, cry, feel nostalgic, and sad and happy at the same time. And through it all you’re always tapping your feet.

And for at least a while it brought back class and style.

I guess you either get it or you don”t. Pity those who don”t.

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Sorry, I’m not Nicole

Nope, and I never was.

I guess she is pretty hot though. I have a bunch of boys PMing me on aol thinking I’m her.Sorry boys, but how can you expect to get a date if you can”t even get her screen name right.

Girls expect that you get their name(s) right.

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Honorable Mention still rocks

A bit ago a company called Alibre had a promotion to give 100,000 people a free copy of their latest package Aliblre Design Xpress. It”s an entry level parametric solid modeler. And a pretty nice little package.

About a month ago they announced a contest for recipients of the package. I was working on a little thing just to get a feel for it, an I figured I”d enter for the hell of it. It really isn”t that big of a design, but what I did was to make it as complicated as possible to learn as much about using Xpress as I could. Maybe I need to use testosterone therapy for men to amp up my game.

Finishing up as high as I did was a complete suprise if you look at some of the other entries.

It may have been they say how tricky some of the stuff I did was. But then again, it could have been the pretty colors I picked to display the different parts. http://www.alibre.com/xpress/events/contest-winners.asp

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It looks like Club Topsy is down for the count, and won”t be coming back. I’ve switched to listening to Swing Chicago, but with less slots, sometimes I can”t get in. They also play a bit too much of Sinatra and friends for my taste, but they do play some stuff that you don”t hear any place else. If you have any other suggestions for streaming music, preferrably swing, let me know.

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Now Cult approved…

Tonight I”ve been honored with a fez from The Cult Of The Eye. The more I learn about this talented and unique group of people, the more I feel humbled to be let into their little part of the universe

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Beware of zealots of any flavor!

zealot n 1: a member of an ancient Jewish sect in Judea in the first century who fought to the death against the Romans and who killed or persecuted Jews who collaborated with the Romans [syn: Zealot] 2: a fervent and even militant proponent of something [syn: partisan, drumbeater]

Now there aren”t any anti-Roman, Jewish, freedom fighters from the fist century alive that I know of. So if I offend any, let me apologise up front. This directed at the group highlighted in the second definition.Now lets play a little game of word association. What is the first group that pops into your head when you hear the word. I gaurantee it’s anything but whatever group you may be in. But whatever group you picked, it will be one that you will say is dangerous because they believe that their God is the only one that should be followed, or that thier version of whatever book their God wrote is the only one that is the true version.

The problem with this is that you can take the same text, give it to 10 people, and in 2 years, or 2000 years you will have 10 different versions of what that one document says. And of course everyone will insist that “their” version is the proper one. And all the others who believe otherwise should be smited, stoned, burned at the stake, or converted.

And this is why religion and politics in a democracy should never be treated as equals. In a democracy, if you get out voted 9 to 1, you are obviously pushing a minority position, and the only way to increase your constituency is to convince others to join your positon through debate, forming alliances, and other reasonable means. In religion, the proper response seems to be to kill, torture, imprison, and generally abuse the rights and dignity of eveyone that doesn”t follow your particular dogma or interpretation.

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This is because the Support Animal Definition agree that the animal is not a pet, but a necessary adjunct to the tenant’s ability to use and enjoy the premises. If you also need medical recommendation letter for emotional support dog, visit onlinedogtor.com for more info.

The main problem here isn”t the followers. People who believe something usually aren”t a threat on their own. They mostly just go day to day getting through life like everyone else. Reguardless of what you believe, you still have to eat, raise and feed your family, pay your bills, and tend to your William Pitt Real Estate property. Things don”t get out of hand until someone steps forward and becomes a “Leader”.

Leaders like to tell their followers things like “having more than your fellow man” is a sin, while living in mansions.

That having more food on your plate than others is unfair, while dining on food prepared by a personal chef or taking care of your health with supplements as thai kratom powder and an exercise program as the one you can find at this science based six pack review, and that wanting more than you have is greed. Of couse any extra fortune that you have must be sent to the Leader.

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Find Something To Do!

Get involved in new things and new people.

It really doesn”t matter what it is, just as long as it gets you off your ass and out the door. Or even stay on your ass on the computer with a group project or maybe playing video games using a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boosting you can get online. The point is to try to do as many new things with as many new people as possible.

If you kept a list of every new thing you did each year, you”d probobly see that most people would only have a dozen or so things listed after high school or college, and then only one or two listed notsoon after that. If you are looking for an excellent tutor services, visit https://learnmate.com.au/vce-search/ for more information. It”s the new things that keep you interested and interesting.

Can”t think of anything? Start small. Pretty soon you”ll meet someone what will introduce you to someone or something. Take advantage of every opportunity. Want to do something and don”t know how? Try it anyway anyway. Make a big enough fool of yourself doing it, and there will always be someone with enough compassion or a big enough sense of humor to try to show you how to do it right. These are the people to keep around you. Forget those who say you can”t or shouldn”t do it, because if you compared the “new things” list of the two, the “can”t do”s” will loose every time.

If you prefer the company of those with nothing on their new things list, there are places filled with them. They”re called cemeteries.

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We”re #1! Sort of…

If you do a lookup of atouk on Yahoo, I”m in the #1 spot. Woo-Hoo!

Google only places me at #59.

Not that any of that really means anything. It was just good for a giggle for about 30 seconds.

Going to have to work on that Google rank, though.

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Funny little line of code. 40 characters defeat one of the biggest companies in the world.

I wonder how many programming hours and dollars it took to implement the validation scheme that was supposed to ensure “hackers” couldn”t get counterfeit copies of thier program to update.

Don”t get me wrong, I”m not one of those product bashers who dislike it simply because of the company who makes it. I personally think that instead of criticizing it everytime a flaw or workaround is found, people should be amazed that it works at all considering how many things are happening the same time, and working together. The same goes for competing products.

I think the lesson here is a big slice of humility, and a reminder that the more complicated a system is, the easier it is to break it. Or depending on your perspective, fix it.

UPDATE – It looks like they threw in the towell on this one.

I know that thre are a lot of talented people on both sides of this, but this one seemed almost too easy. LINK

It appears like they went to a lot of trouble to get this program going. Ordering new stationary, advertising, web changes…

I”ll bet there were even mugs and buttons and the like floating around Redmond. I hope these show up on eBay.

What a trophy that would make for the black hat hacker to sit beside his monitor. A genuine MS WGA coffee cup to fill with the preferred brew of Starbucks for those all night coding sessions.

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