Searching for Karma Bruce

A quick look at the logs showed that someone was doing a Google for Karma and got pointed here.

Last search terms

Date Time Terms Engine Result
February 3, 2010 13:09:45 karma bruce Google page viewed

The ip points to Orlando, so my guess that it may have been Dawne.

Hi, Dawne!

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One Response to Searching for Karma Bruce

  1. Joe AB8ZK says:

    Thank you for this product–ADSB# contributions. I am 71 yrs. old and LEARNING about this acft. monitoring program.
    I have the antenna completed. Now, to learn how to make/connect the 2-3 software prgms. so I can “see” acft.on this cmptr. @ my location–Southern Ohio.
    Thanks, again to U & your contributors.
    Joe AB8ZK

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