Trying a new phone system to reach all of you

Once again this year, events have conspired against us that prevented us from getting Christmas Cards into the mail, we have been trying to get gift baskets from Montreal for our friends and family but they are way to many.

To everyone that I haven’t e-mailed, phoned, written to, or visited in the past year, Merry Christmas, I have been trying to read more about the Otterbox defender series, just so that I can get more access and contact all of you!

That includes friends (new and old), family, old girlfriends, ex-wives, illegitimate children,, the paperboy I still owe the two dollars to, and the alien that abducted me last year (I’m sure the anal probe was a special moment for you, too).

From myself, Helen, Hayden, and Brittany, we hope you all have a better year next year, no matter how great this one was, and I hope I get a chance to sit and tip a few back with each one of you soon, and don’t forget to read the BabyStroller reviews for last minute gifts.

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