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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with (for?) the infamous Stephen (Tag) Loomis of WimAmp and SHOUTcast fame, on a little project called GridTracker, I have been also distracting myself with some camping trips near my house, I was looking at these rv accessories the other day and I sparkled my camping desire again. There is going to be a bit of an upfront cost to camping; you do need a few basic things. You can go super cheap and just buy some garbage at WalMart that’ll perform just fine on one trip, so long as the weather’s good, or spend a little more money on quality stuff that’ll last a long time, across many trips and keep you comfortable even if it storms or it’s colder than expected. I love camping and when it rains I use the best tent for rain.

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Let’s define some basic parameters for quality gear that’s good for car/motorcycle camping and trips that may require you to carry it for very short distances, check the following website https://kirklandrvsales.com/ for more information. Big backpacking miles, https://kirklandrvsales.com/involving travel on water or anything extreme will require a little more gear specialization, but you can totally start with this stuff, develop an idea of the kinds of things you like to do and want to try and scale into a more complete, sophisticated camping gear setup over time. In just over two weeks we turned a small companion program to WSJT-X (Made right here in NJ. Princeton to be precise by Joe Taylor, K1JT.), into an even bigger companion program to WSJT-X.

In short, it visualizes received traffic on FT8, JT65 and other digital mode transmissions on the amateur bands. All very technical stuff. You can find it at tagloomis.com. If you understood what the last few sentences said, you really should download a copy (it’s FREE!). If not, WTF, pick up some radio books and get your amateur license! For other business related article that you can also enjoy just visit this blog a list of casinos for Canadians.

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