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ADSB# Quickstart

I’m working on a quickstart guide for the new ADSB# ( and I’ll be posting it up here in a day or so. I will include interface guides for PlanePlotter and Virtual Radar Server.

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SDR# Quick Start Guide

It looks like its been more than a few weeks since I actually posted something here. I’ve been busy with some personal suff. In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep busy by getting back into radio as a hobby, … Continue reading

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Searching for Karma Bruce

A quick look at the logs showed that someone was doing a Google for Karma and got pointed here. Last search terms Date Time Terms Engine Result February 3, 2010 13:09:45 karma bruce Google page viewed The ip points to … Continue reading

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Autism and Global Warming

The contrast between the two seperate studies is interesting. On the one hand, we have a study that was debunked because of shoddy research methods and a preceived political agenda, and the mainstream media is quick to cover it, community … Continue reading

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The bailout bill just failed it’s (1st) vote

I say first vote because I’m convinced there wll be another vote on a modified or new version of the bill. I also believe that the first vote failed ON PURPOSE! Pelosi and the rest of the crew in Washington … Continue reading

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SF Mayor want’s to tax “sugary drinks”

Link How in the world will all the fine gentlemen there survive without being able to order their Shirley Temples??? Not that there’s anything wrong with Shirley Temples….

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Forum maintenance

There is a small problem with the forums caused by a version upgrade/installed mod conflict. I’ll be working on it over the next few days. There’s a slight chance that some posting and user data may be lost. UPDATE: Forums … Continue reading

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Won’t Find ME in There!

Despite the reports and rumours, I can oficially state that with the release of the DC Madam phone records, you will find my name nowhere in there. With the large number of Washington scandals that myself, and millions of Americans … Continue reading

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There! I said it! Urban legend has it that if you say it into the mirror three times, the AACS knocks on your door with legal papers and a really scary face.

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Guns are not the problem

It wasn’t a matter of too many guns, too few guns, or the wrong guns. If you read different new sites, you’ll hear every opinion from the far left, to the far right, and even a foreign paper that blames … Continue reading

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